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Choosing Bedding for Use in a Bed and Breakfast Need Not Evoke Angst

With so many choices available when purchasing bedding for the bed and breakfast or hospitality industry, it can feel overwhelming to the point of complete brain-melt down, thus contributing to a case of decision-avoidance-syndrome. Buying bedding need not be such a drama-inducing experience however, as long as one adheres to a few simple and basic bedding caveats.

  1. At first blush, “loft” seems like bedding industry specific term meaning, well… I Wholesale Beddingdidn’t quite frankly know. Loft, I’ve come to discover however, is not such a mystery after all and simply refers to the quality, aka “fill power”, of the down products used in bedding stuffing. For example, a down comforter that possesses fluffy masses of high quality down, with comparably fewer ounces of inferior quality types of down, is said to have high “fill power”, otherwise known as “loft”. This higher quality comforter is subsequently lighter and warmer than an inferior comforter with less fill power.
  2. When deciding on a blanket purchase, one needs to be clear about the intended use of the blanket. For example, for use in the summer months choose among easy-to-care-for cotton or thermal varieties. These types allow air to pass Hotel Blankets Wholesale Hospitality Suppliesthrough and are more comfortable for the warm-weather guest. For cooler weather, the finest-quality and warmest choice would be merino wool. Synthetic blankets on the other hand are less expensive, easier to wash, and are non-allergenic–but offers less in terms of warmth.
  3. Flannel notoriously shrinks. When purchasing flannel sheets, make sure the label indicates it has been pre-shrunk. Otherwise, unless your mattresses go on a diet, the sheets will cease to fit over time.
  4. For the crafty inn keeper, avoid the expense of purchasing a fancy duvet cover by easily making your own. Purchase two flat sheets and simply sew them together on three sides (inside-out, of course!). Sew grommets into the forth side and complete the look by enclosing the comforter with decorative ribbon. Viola! You have created an inexpensive, practical and easy to maintain duvet cover your Wholesale Beddingcustomers will notice and appreciate.
  5. When filling a decorative sham, buy an inexpensive queen-size pillow. The result is a decadently over-stuffed sham, with an aesthetic quality that only looks expensive.

When purchasing hospitality supplies in general, and bed and breakfast supplies specifically, there are purchases that you must splurge on, and purchases that you can skimp on. The trick is to understand how these decisions will impact the comfort and satisfaction of the inn customer, which ultimately impacts the comfort and satisfaction of your wallet.

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Bed Bug Protection and the Bed and Breakfast Supplies Industry

Warning: This Post Is Not For The Squeamish

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has much to be proud of.

It is a unique city comprised of neighborhoods, each with its own identity. The quality of life is affordable. Sports fans are the most fiercely loyal (and unabashedly honest) in the country. Several of the nation’s finest colleges and universities calls Philadelphia home. The art and music scene is world-class. There are countless fine-dining experiences and even more amazing neighborhood restaurants and cool diners to satisfy any palate.

Hoagies. Cheesesteaks. Pretzels.

And then there’s the history. It goes without saying.

However, Philadelphia has just been bestowed a rather dubious “honor”, overtaking New York City, as being the most bed bug infested city in the nation, according to pest control giant, Terminix. Miami, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco and Washington DC have also been named as cities with a growing bed bug infestation problem.

In Philadelphia, as well as across the country, the rampant bed bug issue has become a major source of concern for the hospitality industry. Once eliminated by the use of DDT (which was banned for use in the US in 1972), bug bed infestation has grown steadily due to greater international travel, the use of non-effective treatments to which the pests have now become resistant, and a general disregard of the advancing epidemic over the years.

InnStyle, the source for innkeeper supplies and linens since 1952, offers many solutions to Bed Bug Protection - InnStyle the bed and breakfast and the hospitality industry. For example, InnStyle carries products to enclose and defend vulnerable soft surfaces from the pests, such as mattress and box spring encasement, anti bed bug sheets and pillow protectors. InnStyle also carries Rest Easy Bug Spray, an environmentally green and all-natural product proven to kill bed bugs and prevent infestation. It is easy for hospitality staff to use and has a natural cinnamon scent.

InnStyle also offers tips on how to defend the hospitality property from this bed bug epidemic. Please visit their website to take advantage of this helpful tip sheet at:

With diligent attention and protective products from InnStyle, the hospitality property or bed and breakfast proprietor need not fear that these pests will negatively impact their business.

Even in Philly.

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The Hospitality Industry And the “New Economy”

With the economy reportedly heating up as rapidly as the weather, the financial forecast for the hospitality industry is hotter than it has been in years. This is not to suggest however, that innkeepers and hoteliers can now sit back and wait for business to effortlessly roll in the door. In the wake of the new economy that has emerged since the recent recession, travelers have different (higher) expectations of your value proposition. Upping the ante even more, advances in technology, mainly social media, have put travelers in the driver’s seat, thus ensuring that those in the hospitality industry who fail to heed the traveling public’s discerning demands will be left behind the progression.

Examples of the consequences of the new economy on the hospitality industry include:Wholesale Fine Linens for the Hospitality Industry

  1. After years of delaying capital expenditures, the new economy demands that innkeepers and hoteliers renovate, upgrade and otherwise beautify their property. In this age of Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest and Instagram, one poor review with a corresponding picture to support the claim, can cause a business owner countless reservations and dollars.
  2. Online bookings will continue to grow and become the mainstay of the industry. More than 114 million people will research travel online this year, with 94 million actually making a reservation online. This accounts for more than 50% of all travel being booked online exclusively. This number is expected to continue to rise every year. A well-designed website with an easy to navigate reservation system is an essential tool for anyone in the hospitality industry to survive in the new economy.
  3. More and more travel research and bookings are taking place on mobile devises. According to Forrester Research, mobile channel bookings increased four-fold between 2008 and 2010. Google is projecting that mobile access (i.e. tablets and smartphones) will overtake PC access by 2013. It is imperative that innkeepers and hoteliers optimize their websites for mobile usage in order to capture these mobile transactions.
  4. Social media has revolutionized how business is conducted. 22% of the travel industry currently uses social media as a revenue generating tool. This number is projected to rise to 27% within the next 5 years. Furthermore, social media presence is integral in search engine algorithms, with Facebook’s posts integrated into Bing search and Google+ integrating into the Google search engine. It is crucial that innkeepers and hoteliers embrace social media as a means to drive traffic to their most important business asset—their web presence.

New technology demands that the hospitality industry become “social” and engages their customers online as a major component of their marketing strategy. The onus is squarely on the innkeeper or hotelier to convince the potential customer that they offer the best value for the travel dollar via the internet; by virtue of a well-designed website with a mobile application and an intentional social media presence. The good news is that these hard-won loyal customers will then become your best, most vocal “sales team”, spreading the word via viral marketing that yours is the best destination for their travel-dollar.

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