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Stain Removal Hints

  1. Check all linens for stain and pre-treat them before laundering
  2. Patience and time are require when working on stains.  There is NO immediate solution
  3. Test all bleaches in an inconspicuous area to avoid damaging colored items
  4. Do not use chlorine bleach on wool or silk – it will dissolve both fabrics
  5. Do not use vinegar on acetate material – it will soften and dissolve acetate
  6. Oily based stains like salad dressing, sauces, etc. should be treated with a solvent prior to laundering.  Laundering even without drying may set these types of stains
  7. Use solvents such as Carbona, mineral spirits or other dry cleaning fluids in a well ventilated area.  Try to avoid excessive inhalation of the fumes from the solvents
  8. Avoid drying items in the dryer with heat unless stains have been removed

Facial Wipes - Prevent Stains
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Save your linens from cosmetics with our facial wipes! 13″x13″ 100% cotton facial wipes are sure to please your guests while preventing staining!

Why Cotton Sheets?

There is nothing like slipping between cotton sheets.  That is because nature has designed the perfect fiber for softness and comfort.  The superior characteristics of cotton have been praised for thousands of years, and today cotton is synonymous with quality, comfort and beauty.

  • Softness – The unique shape and dimensions of cotton fibers naturally result in Wrinkle Free Cotton Sheets Availablesoftness.
  • Year Round Comfort – Cotton bed linens keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Launders Beautifully – Cotton releases soil easily so bed linens was clean and smell fresh throughout their wear life, and cotton sheets become even softer through washings and use.

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Helpful Linen Terms

  • Combing – A process where the short, coarse cotton fibers have been placed parallel to each other to create a finer, more silky yarn.
  • Egyptian Cotton – Fabric made of long-fiber cotton.  Used to crate soft, durable products that are exceptionally smooth.
  • Easy-Care Finish – A treatment applied to the cloth which becomes an integral 600 Thread Count Wrinkle Free Sheetspart of the fibers, creating the desirable aesthetic effect of easy care.
  • Fiber Content – Most sheets are manufactured of either poly/cotton or all cotton.  Poly Cotton sheets are favored by those appreciating no-iron.  100% combed cotton is desirable for its softness, absorbency, breathability and pill-free comfort.
  • Finished Size – The actual dimensions of a sheet or pillow case after self hemming or after the addition of an attached hem.
  • Percale – A smooth, finely combed, closely woven cloth with a minimum of 180 threads per square inch.
  • Pima – Cotton grown in the southwestern US that was originally developed from Sea Island and Egyptian seed.  Pima Cotton is the US grown equivalent of Egyptian Cotton.
  • Sateen – Special weaving technique in which more yarns are brought to the surface of the cloth creating a satin like feel.
  • Selvage – Closely woven edge on each side of a sheet made of heavier twisted yarns which habe been added to prevent ravelying.
  • Supima – Trademark of the Supima association of America – a group of growes in the southwester US.
  • Thread Count – The total number of lengthwise and widthwise threads in one square incho of cloth.  The higher the thread count, the higher quality the sheets.

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