Monthly Archives: November 2011

Save Linens from Stains

Time is of the Essence so the earlier you catch a stain and treat it, the better your chance of removing it.  Different types of stains require different treatments and often times regular household solutions can be the key to removing stains.

Why not prevent stains before they happen by discouraging your guests from creating stains in the first place.  InnStyle offers amenities such as make-up remover wipes so your female guests aren’t tempted to use towels or light colored wash cloths for removing their makeup.

Here are a few ‘tips’ we call Simply Spotless:

1.  Find stains immediately
2.  Determine what kind of stain it is – if possible
3.  Pre-treat oil-based and fresh stains before washing
4.  Use cleaning solvents in a well ventilated area
5.  If stains remain, treat again
6.  Avoid washing & drying if you are not sure the stain is out
7.  Test bleaches before using them in the wash
8.  Do not use vinegar on acetate materials
9.  Do not use chlorine bleach on wool or silk
10. Prevent stains from happening

For additional information on products to help prevent stains or properly cleaning stains, contact your Personal Shopper at InnStyle or call toll free 1-800-877-INNS (4667).

Plastic Laundry Bags for Innkeepers

The smallest details can help provide guests with better service.

InnStyle has recently added one of these ‘finer details’ to our inventory of amenities. The 14 x 24 inch plastic laundry/valet bag.

We have products such as 9 oz. wrapped cups, trash can liners, combs, individually wrapped toothbrushes, shower caps, toothpaste, deodorant, various types of razor blades and many other amenities for your property – all at competitive prices.

To view our full line of amenities for innkeepers visit our website or to order our plastic laundry bags, please contact us at 267-354-6020 or toll-free at 1-800-877-INNS (4667).